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PCC Panels ( Power Control Center Panels )

Power Control Center Panels

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Power Control Center Panels, PCC Panels and our setu is situated in in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
PCC Panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. Perfect Products (India) is widely known for premium quality PCC panels designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications. Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.

  • We manufacture PCC panels with rated current up to 8000A
  • PCC panels are manufactured in a perfectly compartmentalized structure.
  • Premium quality insulators are used to ensure safety.
  • There can be a provision of space heater, thermostat and backup protection, necessary as per Project specification.
  • User friendly, safe and reliable.

Power Control Centre is considered to be the heart of an electrical system in any industry. Electrical PCC panels are modular structured electrical control panels used to control power supply in large industrial as well as commecial units.The power supplied to heavy machineries,equipments,motors and transformers are controlled as per the requirement. of electrical loads using these PCC panels.PCC panels cater the needs of various industies like chemicals,plastic,paper,power,oil and natural,gas,medicine, etc.The main quality of panel is to protect and control power distribution for large manufacturing unit

  • Customized Power control / Motor control panels, suit to customer's application. We offer both in fixed and draw out constructions.
  • The panels are engineered with premium quality material and components with latest technology.
  • LT Distribution Panels : For utilities, Industries and other electrical Installations.
  • The panels is having Robust Structure which can withstand different climatic conditions.
  • PCC panels are built in with overload protection feature which can safeguard the process unit in case of over load

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